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Bicycles are convenient tools for transportation in the compact city of Kyoto. Bicycles match well with Kyoto in many ways.

Kyoto has one of the highest penetration rates of bicycles in Japan.More than what the figure tells, bicycles are a part of the culture and play an important role in Kyoto life.

We asked the bicycle professional, Mr Amemori, the shop owner of Kaleidocycle, a few questions on "bicycles in everyday life."

  • 引っ越した家が京町家。広い土間があります。町家に合うオススメの自転車があれば教えてください。


    By adding a kit onto the standard bicycle, extra baggage can be loaded as well as children to go cycling or to camps. It expands capabilities beyond normal bicycles.

    The big entrance hall of doma in kyo-machiya is a good parking space for long-tail bikes, and long-tail bikes are convenient for the flat land and the compact city of Kyoto.

  • 仕事場が、京都駅に決まりました。自宅が北山にあります。自宅・北山 ←→ 職場・京都駅まで、毎日の通勤に使える自転車を教えて下さい。


    Compared to derailleur gears where the gears are exposed, hub gears are sealed inside and require much less maintenance.

    In western countries, hybrid bicycles are often used as utility bikes. They often have parts such as lights and splashguards, but they can be ridden with speed also. They can be categorized as sports sedans if they were cars.

  • 休日、自転車が好きなので遠出をします。京都市内からサイクリングに行く時にオススメの自転車があれば教えてください。


    Starting from Kyoto, to the east is Biwa Lake, to the north and over the Kitayama mountains is Miyama, and you can also access Osaka by cycling along the rivers. The small basin of Kyoto is perfect for riding your bicycle for hobby everyday!

    There are different types of bicycles such as road bikes, mountain bikes, and touring bikes depending on the occasion, but how about starting from a cycling bicycle that allows you to purely enjoy road cycling?

  • エレベーターのないマンションの高層階の部屋を借りました。毎日、階段を持ち運べる軽い自転車を教えて下さい。


    Gearless bicycles are suitable for those that favor simplicity.

    People tend to think that gearless leads to slow speed or difficulty on climbing up on hills, but by selecting a gearless bicycle with good performance, you can sometimes have a lighter and more comfortable ride.

    Because of their simplicity, single speed road bicycles have less trouble and are light. They are suitable for those who have to carry their bicycles up and down the stairs everyday.

  • 電車で運べる、持ち運び可能な折りたたみ自転車を教えて下さい。


    For example, this bicycle, Peco, from OX-Bikes can easily be folded like an umbrella by pulling the central lever. It can roll with wheels, so it does not need to be carried by hand. It is a smart choice for carrying onto crowded trains.

  • 昔、郵便局の配達で使っていたアンティーク自転車を知人からもらいました・・・直して、現代でも、使えますか?


    Bicycles can always be fixed after many years since they are made with very simple mechanisms.

    However, old bicycles often tend to cost a lot for repair and maintenance. Your favorite memorable bicycles may be worth fixing for a long time usage, but old bicycles that someone gave you may not always be the most cost efficient.

  • 夫が3台所有、私も2台、そして子供の自転車が数台・・・家に大量の自転車があります。家の前にはとても置けません。建物の中に自転車を収納することは可能でしょうか?


    Bicycles are generally stored and parked at the front of the house. However, bicycles for leisure are preferably stored inside the house for protection and safety.

    For those who own several bicycles, a pole type storage stand can store up to 4 bicycles for the area of 1 bicycle. However, the easiest way to store is to determine the priority of each bicycle and store the ones that are used daily at the front, and store the ones that are only used for leisure at the back.




Before the Second World War, bicycles cost approximately 3 months worth of salary in average. In Kyoto, it became common to store bicycles inside the house for safety. This is one of the reasons why the doma entrance of kyo-machiya is designed big, and this is very convenient today also.

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